Palo Alto, CA – 7/10/2018

Datmo is pleased to announce the success of a strategic partnership with Ezetap, one of the largest Indian payments processing companies, powering millions of requests monthly. Ezetap is one of the many influential companies at the forefront of the Digital India movement, a government initiative to facilitate the empowerment of the Indian people through technology in an increasingly digital economy. As described by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, “With the combination of hunger, motivation, and Indians coming online at an unprecedented scale, it is clear that this (the Digital India Movement) is a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Already boasting a mature in-house analytics and data science team, Datmo’s tools enable Ezetap to achieve their goal of deploying their models and managing them in production.

By using Datmo’s snapshot protocol and enterprise software suite, Ezetap has been able to quickly and easily deploy and manage custom AI models at scale for processing financial transaction data and making real-time decisions. Additionally, this allowed Ezetap’s technical team to focus their time and attention on developing valuable models without worrying about the technical requirements of deployment, reducing the initial TTD (time to deployment) for their in-house models from 3 months to 1 week. We are extremely proud to help Ezetap deliver on their mission of empowering Indian customers and businesses in a way that current banks and lending institutions cannot by making their AI workflow reliable, scalable, and efficient.

About Ezetap

Ezetap was founded in Bangalore, India by Silicon Valley veterans in 2011 and is currently India’s leading universal payments platform for businesses. Through a single integration, merchants can support any digital transaction ranging from physical cards to online payments (including mobile wallets and one-click payments through mobile apps). Ezetap has deployed over 200,000 service points and processes over 5 million transactions monthly, with an annualized gross transaction value of $1.2 Billion.

About Datmo

Datmo is a Palo Alto-based software company building tools to help data scientists and engineers deploy, manage, and optimize AI in production. Through the use of their open source model tracking protocol and enterprise software suite, customers are able to quickly and easily go from local models to production-grade deployment architectures. Working with clients across a multitude of industries ranging from finance, gaming, and video processing, Datmo’s tools help power billions of AI requests monthly.